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Captain James "Cap" Hollister is the main antagonist of the Stephen King novel 'Firestarter' and the film adaptation, Firestarter.


He was the head of The Shop. He is ruthless and even uses murder as a method, like he did with Joseph Wanless, the head of his scientific team, to achieve his goals, killing even his own people on the way through his own assassins like John Rainbird. It is implied through John Rainbird, he has done more than enough crimes to go to jail for the rest of his life.

Charlie McGee is the product of an experiment of Joseph Wanless, which was done with his blessing. Knowing how powerful Charlie has become regarding her pyrokinetic powers, he wants to have Charlie McGee for military purposes, because he sees Charlie´s power as a potential weapon to be used in an eventual conflict against an enemy of the U.S.A..

He also intends to kill her once she is no longer useful because of the potential threat she could represent because of her powers. He recruited John Rainbird for that, though he later realises, that he is crazy. His plan, however, goes wrong when he falls under her father´s hypnotic influence. After that he does what Andy McGee, her father, wants him to do. Through him Andy finds his daughter which leads to a confrontation with Rainbird. He is later killed by Rainbird, when he shoots him under Andie´s influence as Andy used him to protect Charlie from his killing intentions.