Jamie Height or Jay, is the main protagonist of It Follows (2014). She is portrayed by Maika Monroe

She was a teenage girl that was being followed by The Entity after having sexual intercourse with Jeff Redmond. After discovering the Entity was following her, Jay is on the run for her life.


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Jay is a quiet and shy young woman. She had big dreams of living a life of adventure with her friends and her dream boyfriend. Jay tends to act on instinct or allows her emotions to influence her actions as she takes many risks and decisions with slight consideration of other alternatives. After being followed by the Entity, she becomes determined to destroy it and develop a shorter tolerence.

Jay is also very close to her friends and her sister. Jay and Kelly share many details and events with each other and they love to spend their afternoons and evenings with their friends. This is opposite with Jay's mother, however, as she is very distant from her mother and rarely discusses information with her nor seek her for comfort.

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