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Jennifer Hills is the main protagonist from the I Spit on Your Grave remake series. She appears on both I Spit On Your Grave and I Spit On Your Grave III: Vengeance Is Mine.

Biography[edit | edit source]

I Spit On Your Grave[edit | edit source]

Jennifer Hills was a young novelist, who in order to get inspiration for her second novel, rented a cabin, in the woods of rural Louisiana. On her way to the cabin, she gets lost and stops at a gas station. She asks one of the gas station workers named Johnny for directions. Johnny tries to flirt with Jennifer but she turns him down and unintentionally causes him to trip over a bucket, embarassing him in front of his friends.

For the following days, Jennifer is enjoying her time in the cabin, drinking wine, smoking weed and writing on her novel. A repair man named Matthew comes over to fix the broken toilet and sink. Matthew is mentally handicapped and very shy. After a happy Jennifer gives him a kiss on the cheek, he awkwardly runs out of the cabin. Matthew, who is friends with the gas station workers tells them about the kiss which causes Johnny to get angry, calling Jennifer a "stuck up city bitch". Johnny is still humiliated by the rejection and wants to teach Jennifer a lesson.

Later, at nightfall, the three gas station workers and Matthew break into Jennifers cabin. They start to bully and assault her, forcing her to mimic fellatio on a bottle and a gun. However Jennifer manages to escape the cabin and runs away into the woods. There she bumps into a policeman named Sheriff Storch. Reliefed, and thinking that she can trust him, she explains to him with what happened. He calms her down and takes her back to the cabin to look around. When he investigates he finds Jennifers booze and some marijuana, suddenly claiming that she was lying to him, to incriminate some local boys, while smoking weed and drinking. He starts patting her down, improperly and lets the gas station guys back in, revealing that they are in cahoots. They keep on bullying and humiliating her and under the lead of Storch, the men pressure Matthew into raping Jennifer, while they hold her down. Sherrif Storch gets a call from his young daughter and happily talks to her while a crying Jennifer is raped in the background.

After the rape, Jennifer flees outside, naked from the waist down, trying to get away from her attackers. However they quickly catch up to her and continue to harrass her. They then drag her down to the river where one of the men, Andy, pushes her head into a puddle, while Storch anally rapes her, claiming he enjoys that more. For the next minutes she is stripped naked and repeately raped by the men, both vaginally and orally (by Johnny) and eventually passes out. The whole ordeal is filmed by Stanley, making the whole experience even more painful and humiliating. When Jennifer wakes back up she is completely broken and wanders away without any sign of direction, while the men laugh at her and closely follow behind. When she reaches an old bridge Storch wants to kill her with his shotgun but she lets herself fall into the river below. Despite the sheriff's attempts to shoot her, she is disappeared.

For the next month, the rapists destroy all the evidence of the crime. They believe that Jennifer drowned in the river and keep looking for her body. After a month, strange things start happening. Stanley's camera, with the tape containing the footage of the rape is stolen and a dead bird is thrown onto Johnny's porch as well as a slipper of Jennifer and a set of bracelets owned by Matthew, making the guys think that Matthew is doing these things. The stolen tape is sent to Mrs. Storch, who couldn't play it because it didn't fit her machine. This incident spooks the sheriff, who goes to confront Stanley.

Matthew, who is the only one of the men who is guilt-ridden about the whole event, sees Jennifer in the woods. She lures him into a hut and they sit together on a bench, where he starts crying and expresses his regrets. At first she seems to comfort him, allowing him to put his head on her lap. She turns on him however, putting a noose around his neck and chokes him into unconsciousness, screaming that "sorry just isn't good enough".

After the tape is sent to his wife, Sherrif Storch furiously confronts the the guys, who think that Matthew did it and go looking for him. In the woods they hear someone playing the harmonica and see that it's Jennifer. They run towards her, but Stanley is caught in a bear trap and she knocks them both unconscious with a baseball bat. She drags Andy to the remote cabin and ties him up, before laiyng him on a couple of planks above an empty bath tub. She returns to Stanley and ties him to a tree, using his fishing gear. Since he enjoyed watching her being raped and filmed it all, she plans to return the favor. 

Using his own camera to film his torment, she forces him to keep his eyes open, using fish hooks. She forces him to eat a dead rat, which he spits out and continues by gutting his fish, before smearing the guts of the fish onto his eyes. This starts to attract crows, who peck at his face and eventually his eyes. Leaving him at the mercy of the elements, she returns to Andy who has regained consciousness. She starts to fill the bathtub with dirty water, while he struggles. She reminds him of how he forced her head underwater, during the rape and shows him that she only has to remove one board for him to drown in the water. She places the board back when threatens to kill her. She doesn't do this out of a change of heart, but because the bath was missing one final ingredient, lye. As he keeps cussing at her, she removes the board. He struggles to stay above the water and each time, his muscles give out, his head goes in the lye, slowly dissolving his face. 

Her next victim is Johnny, who forced her to mimic fellatio on his gun and later forced her to fellate him, warning her not to use her teeth. She knocks him out, pulls out his teeth with pliers and forces him to suck on his own gun. After she's done, she castrates him, using hedge clippers  and puts his genitals into his mouth, letting him bleed to death. After she leaves him, she goes to visit the wife and daughter of Sheriff Storch. Introducing herself as a teacher from the daughters new honors program. Mrs. Storch calls her husband, saying that their daughter's teacher  wants to meet them both. When Jennifer gets the phone handed to her, she reveals to Storch who she is, tauntig him saying that it was "a pleasure to meet your family". After this, she tells Mrs. Storch that she is going to take their daughter to the park, while the scared Sherriff frantically drives home to save his family. When he finds out Jennifer has taken their daughter to the park he drives there, and runs around looking for them. When he returns to his car, he is knocked unconscious from behind.

When he wakes up he is tied up in the old cabin with a shotgun forced up his ass. In front of him is a sleeping Matthew. When Jennifer enters he screams and cusses at her, demanding to know what she has done with his daughter. She reminds him that he enjoyed anal, before sodomizing him with his own shotgun. She yells at him, saying that she was just as innocent as his daughter and asks how he would like it if someone did this to her. After she is done with him, she attaches one end of a string to the the trigger of the shotgun and the other end to Matthew's wrist. Jennifer leaves, stating that "if she was him, she would tell Matthew not to move." When Matthew wakes up he jerks, killing both the Sherrif and himself in one shot.

Outside, Jennifer sits waiting with an empty look in her eyes, smiling slightly when she hears the gunshot.

I Spit On Your Grave III: Vengeance is Mine[edit | edit source]

A few years after the events of I Spit On Your Grave, Jennifer has changed her name to Angela and tried to start a new life. But what happened in Lousiana, have scarred her deeply, both physically and emotionally. The ordeal has turned her into a misanthrope who doesn't really trust anyone. She believed that everyone is either prey or predator with no exceptions to this rule. She also has constantly violent daydreams and it had become harder for her to distinguish dream from reality... At work, her collega, Matthew tried to befriend her, something she saw as his attempts to get her into his bed and caused her to treat him rather coldly. During runs, she often intimidated by a group of men, led by Chief. Eventually she went to visit a therapist for her problems. The therapist recommended her to go to group councilling for rape survivors but the group only allowed her hate against society in general and men in particular to grow further. She also befriended a fellow rape survivor, Marla, with whom she started to bound. Both shared a hatred for the self-help group and felt that rapists get off way too easy. Under Marla's influence, her misandric feelings only grew and together they cause some mischief towards men who showcase sexist attitudes towards women.

During the sessions with self help group, they had to listen to the story of one of their fellow survivors, Cassie. Cassie was raped frequently by her stepfather, Ron, yet her mother refused to believe her and the abuse continued. To make things worse, she has to hide the fact that she comes to these meetings. This gave Marla and Jennifer the feeling that justice never will be served. They decided to teach Ron a lesson. After days of stalking Ron, Marla decided it was time for action and wearing balaclavas to masked their faces, they attacked Ron at a parking garage, with Marla threatening him and roughening him up with an iron bar. But before she could do any really damage, Jennifer stopped her and they fled but not before promising him to visit him again, should his behavior not chance. After attacking him, Jennifer was both shocked and amused by what they had done. And for a while, Ron's behavior did improve and for a while, Cassie's life got better.

And for the first time, since her rape at the hands of sheriff Storch, she started to trust people and especially men again. She even started to warm up towards Matthew, who tried to simply befriend her. But this changed again, after Marla told her that she had to pick up something with her ex-boyfriend, Nicholas Woods. Marla promised her that she would drink something with her again, before the next meeting. At the bar, Jennifer waited in vain as when she went to the meeting, she learned that Marla had been raped and murdered. The detective investigating the murder is Detective McDylan. At a bar, she told McDylan about Marla's ex-boyfriend, who had a history of abusing her in the past. McDylan promised her that they would convinct Nicholas Woods, seeing their past. But to her disappointment, McDylan's promise was shortlived however, when they had to let Nicholas go, due to lack of evidence. Completely lost her trust in the justice system, she broke with McDylan and started to plan to take matters into her own hands once again...

She started with Nicholas, luring him with her, using a seductive outfit. Her plan almost failed as the man chased her and tried to orally rape her, claiming that "she had seduced him" and "that she enjoyed it rough". She showed him rough, she can be by stabbing him in the penis, bisecting it and biting off the tip. She continued by stabbing him multiple times into the testicles before bashing his brain in with an iron bar. The fact that he was murdered so short after he was released from jail, didn't go unnoticed by McDylan who would confront Jennifer later. Although he doesn't stated that he suspected her, he warned her that it were dangerous times and it would be better if she was careful with what she did or said. Shortly after this, things got even worse as Ron had returned to his old habits and Cassie's abuse started again, only more severe this time... She decided that Ron must be stopped, for good. Dressed in a school girl outfit and wearing her hair in pigtails to look as a teenage girl, she waited at him and asked him to help her find a certain address. This address was an abandon warehouse and as she lured him inside, she seduced him. As he hastily tried to remove his pants, she laid down on a mattress. Just as he was ready to have sex with her, she remarked that he really must enjoyed underaged girls before tasing him with a taser. She continued this until he lost consciousness. When he woke up, she had him tied to chair. She scolded at him, before kicking over the chair. Promising to let him feel the pain, he inflicted on others, she wore latex gloves and took an iron pipe. Contemplating the idea to use lube, she decided he doesn't even deserve that "favor", before inserting the pipe in his anus, mimicing anal sex. While he begged for his life, she said they weren't done yet, before taking a sledgehammer. Realizing what she was planning to do, he screamed in terror and tried to convince her to stop but she was determined to get the whole pipe in and started to hit the pipe. His screams soon died out when the pipe caused lethal intestinal damage. Jennifer left his corpse and destroyed the evidence, by burning it in a barrel, using lighter fluid.

During the weeks that followed, she was rather pleased with her actions. Her plans backfired however slightly when the police suspected Oscar, the only male attendee to the self-help group, whose daughter committed suicide, after her rapist went unpunished. Oscar had threatened to kill Ron the way he died. There was however no evidence to convict Oscar and he went free. Trying to make things up with him, Jennifer went to talk with him. During the conversation, she was able to uncover the name of his daughter's rapist. With this knowledge, she went after the guy, stalking him into an alley. Here he revealed to be aware of her following him. Commanding an explanation, she tried to seduce him as well, before cutting him with a knife, trying to tase him. This failed however, as he was able to fight her off without a problem. Angered by her attempt to tase him, he cut open her dress and tried to rape her, only to stopped by the police. He was killed for attacking the cops... At the police station, she was exposed to be Jennifer Hills and not Angela, the name she used. During her interrogation, she was confronted by the fact that the disappearances of the sheriff and his croonies haven't gone unnoticed. But just as the net started to close around her, Oscar walked into the police station. Having slit his wrists, he confessed to have murdered Ron and Nicholas, before dying from exsanguination.

Thanks to his sacrifice, Jennifer got away with the murders but this broke her completely. Getting dressed in a short red dress and arming herself with a knife, which she strapped to her thigh, she went out and confronted Matthew. Her behavior disturbed him and he fled in his car, before she could do anything. Her next victim wasn't as lucky as she came across Chief. Without his friends, Chief was far less self-assured and was surprised when she seduced him, offering to fellate him. When he finally gave in, she almost stabbed him but he was able to fight her off, for long enough for Detective McDylan to stop and shoot her.

For the attempt on Chief's life, she was sentenced to two years in jail. It was revealed by her therapist in jail, the same that treated her before, that she has been into a couple of fights in prison, something that doesn't seem to bother. When she left the therapist's office, she chanced the name board, so it spelled "the rapist". In the hallway, she was attacked by two other prisoners who tried to stab her but whom she dealt with quickly before, killing the therapist as well.

Powers and abilities[edit | edit source]

Jennifer has no special powers or abilities. After being raped multiple times and almost killed by her rapists, she found new power however and for the month after her rape, she has shown herself to be able to make complex plans and can be very cunning when it comes to revenge. She was able to manipulate Matthew in trusting her, even as the boy knew what they done. She also convinced Mrs. Storch that she was her daughter's English teacher and was able to convince her to be allow her to go to the park with the girl. Later, she would trick Ron into believing she was an underaged girl and coerced him into having sex with her, before stunning him.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Jennifer is a young white woman in her 20s. She is quite pale, has a thin built and dark brown hair that goes down to her waist. She has hazel eyes and a pretty face with a strong jawline.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Jennifer used to be a carefree and a little bit clumsy young woman. But everything changed when she was raped by Sheriff Storch and his cronies, before trying to kill her. The experience traumatized her and chanced her view on life. She believed that nothing is done without reason and that everyone has motives for their actions. She saw the world in all black, stating that there are only two group of people, preys and predators. And ever since her rape, she made the clear decision to be the latter. Her inability to trust people led her to only assume the worse and bond hardly with people. The rape also led her to adopt "an eye for an eye" approach to justice. She killed her rapists in ways that reflected the treatment she received from them during her rape, re-enacting their actions, only with a role-reversal and a deadlier outcome. This behavior continued when she started confronting rapists who made other women victims. She has shown to be very sadistic when it comes to executing those she deems to be guilty. She was also willing to go through great lengths to get revenge and was willing to risk her life for it. Her shattered mind also led her to have violent fantasies, which she can't always distinguish from reality.

Victims[edit | edit source]

Jennifer have killed several men in the I Spit On Your Grave remake franchise.

Name Cause of Death Film On Screen Notes
Andy Dissolving/Exsanguination: tied up over a bathtub with lye, and each time his strength gives, his head is dipped in the lye, dissolving his face. I Spit On Your Grave Yes Symbolic revenge: he pushed Jennifer's head into a river, almost drowning her, during the gang rape.
Stanley Exsanguination/Infection: his eyes are held open by fishhooks through his eyelids, got fish guts smeared in his eyes and in his face. Got his eyes picked out by birds. I Spit On Your Grave Yes Symbolic revenge: during the rape, he filmed the whole ordeal, since he liked to watch.
Johnny Exsanguination: Bled out after Castration I Spit On Your Grave Yes Prior to his death, she removed his teeth with pliers and forced him to fellate his gun. After castrating him, she shoved his genitals in his mouth. Symbolic revenge: during the rape, he forced her to fellate his gun and a bottle, and later forced her to fellate him, warning her, not to use her teeth.
Sheriff Storch Internal Organ Damage: Sodomized with a shotgun, shot with the barrel still in his anus. I Spit On Your Grave Yes Symbolic revenge: he anally raped her, before trying to kill with her with the shotgun
Matthew Shot in the chest with a shotgun I Spit On Your Grave Yes Symbolic revenge: raped her under peer pressure, accidentally triggered the shotgun, killing Sheriff Storch in the process, leading him to involuntary to assist Jennifer in her revenge.
Nicholas Woods Bludgeoning: Bludgeoned to death with an iron bar. I Spit On Your Grave III: Vengeance Yes Prior to his death, he was stabbed in the penis with a knife, before it being bisected, having the gland bitten off, being stabbed multiple times in the testicles. Symbolic revenge: trying to orally rape Jennifer and raped and killed his ex-girlfriend Marla.
Ron Merrick Impaled: Sodomized with an iron pipe, before the pipe being raped in with a sledgehammer I Spit On Your Grave III: Vengeance Yes Symbolic revenge: raped his stepdaughter constantly, both vaginally as anally and was a pedophile.
Inmate Stabbed with knife I Spit On Your Grave III: Vengeance Yes
Inmate Stabbed and throat slit with knife I Spit On Your Grave III: Vengeance Yes
Therapist Stabbed with knife I Spit On Your Grave III: Vengeance Yes

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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