Jerry Dandridge is the main antagonist of the first Fright Night film. He's portrayed by Chris Sarandon in the original film, and by Colin Farrell in the 2011 remake.

Biography Edit

Jerry is a vampire, who moves next door to Charley Brewster, a vivid horror movie fan. Charley eventually finds out who and what Dandridge truly is after watching him attempt to bite a woman while making love. Eventually Jerry discovers, that Charley knows and attempts to kill him in his room, but is wounded in the hand with a pencil. He wrecks Charley's car in a rage and threatens to kill him the next night. A scared Charley calls in to vampire-hunting hero, actor Peter Vincent, but he dismisses Charley as an obsessed fan. Amy, Charley's girlfriend, and "Evil" Ed, Charley's best friend, begin to worry about his sanity, and they persuade Vincent to perform a fake test with "holy water" (which is actually tap water) to prove once and for all that Dandridge is not a vampire in order to calm Charley down. But Vincent finds out the truth when he sees Dandridge doesn't have a reflection in his pocket mirror. Jerry becomes aware that at least two people now know his secret and begins his hunt. Jerry converts Ed into a vampire, who unsuccessfully tries to attack Peter. Jerry also eyes Amy, who resembles his lost lover, and stalks her and Charley into a dance club. He manages to get Amy to dance with him. While dancing, Amy sees that Jerry has no reflection in the mirror. She continues to dance with him nonetheless, until Charley tries to break them up. Then when Jerry kisses Amy, Charley tries to punch him. Jerry then tells Charley to bring himself and Vincent to his house or else he would kill Amy. But of course, Jerry actually intends to turn her into a vampire. He rushes her back to his house. Jerry manages to bite her neck and change her into a half vampire. Charley goes to Peter once again, who refuses, as he was still frightend by his encounter with Evil Ed. But seeing Charley's courage, he joins him. In the following fight Jerry gains the upper hand against them and nearly turns Amy into a full vampire. Jerry is ultimately killed by sunlight, when Charley breaks the windows in his basement, thus saving Amy.

He has a sister. Her name is Regine Dandridge. She appears in the second Fright Night movie to avenge her brother´s death.

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