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Jesse was played by Kristen Hager in the film Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem.

Biography Edit

She is a citizen of Gunnison, Colorado. Ricky had a crush on her. They knew each other since they were kids. She had a boyfriend she dumped, because he was a bully and didn´t treat her and Ricky well. The night the Xenomorphs came she convinced Ricky to go to the swimming pool with her. There she flirts with him and became his girlfriend.

When his former boyfriend and his friends, who somehow knew, they would be there, interrupted their meeting, which caused an altercation, the Xenomorphs came and they all fled from the place to look for protection.

She went with Ricky, Dallas, the O´Brians and the Sheriff to save her life, when the Xenomorphs appeared. They fought for their lives and witnesses the disappearance of the National Guard, who was sent there to help them.

When the military told them to go to the centre of the town, she went with Kelly instead, who told them that the military were lying and that it was part of a plan to contain the Xenomorphs by nuking the place to wipe them out. She didn´t go with the sherriff, who didn´t believe it. Ricky and Dallas also joined them. All together with Molly, the daughter of Kelly, went to the hospital to take the helicopter there as part of a plan to get out of town as soon as possible.

She was accidentally killed by the Predator, while he was fighting the Xenomorphs at the hospital because of her uncarefulness. Her death was very painful for Ricky, who, in revenge, tries, to no avail, kill the Predator.

Trivia Edit

  • She was the first woman to be killed, although only accidentally, by a Predator.
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