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Jessica Kimble
Jessica Kimble
Known relatives
Diana Kimble (mother;deceased), Lauren Kimble (sister), Elias Voorhees (grandfather, Jason Voorhees (half-uncle), Stephanie Kimble (daughter), Free Jefferson (cousin)


Portrayed by
Kari Keegan

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Jessica Kimble is a character in Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, played by Kari Keegan. Jessica is the niece of Jason Voorhees, daughter of Diana Kimble and the mother of Stephanie Kimble.

Biography Edit

While searching for a host body, Jason tries to transfer his soul into Jessica's baby, Stephanie, but later claims Diana's instead. Being a Voorhees, Jessica is the only one who can kill Jason, and is responsible for sending him to Hell with an enchanted dagger after he recreates his body after possessing Diana's body.

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