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Jimmy is a minor character in the Halloween franchise. He was portrayed by Lance Guest in his only appearance in Halloween II.

Biography Edit

On the night of October 31, 1978, Laurie Strode's serial killer brother, Michael Myers, returned to Haddonfield, Illinois to hunt her down and kill her as his final familial sacrifice. After Myers' initial attack on Laurie, which resulted in three of her friends being murdered and Laurie herself receiving a major stab wound to her arm as well as a cracked bone in her leg, Laurie was retrieved from the site of the attack at the Doyle residence by abulance driver Budd and Jimmy, who were both working as orderlies at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital.

Over the course of the night, Jimmy tended to Laurie and comforted her in the aftermath of Myers' brutal attack, taking a more intimate interest in her as the night went on. After a news crew informed him of Michael Myers' apparent death during the night (even though it was actually Ben Tramer who had been killed, wearing the same clothes and mask as Myers), Jimmy went to tell Laurie the good news. Laurie responded by losing hold of her senses and attempting to escape.

Soon after Laurie was sedated for her outburst, Jimmy returned to her room and found she was in a coma, eyes staring at the ceiling. Jimmy went to look for the rest of the staff, while Nurse Jill Franco stayed in Laurie's room. Upon leaving the room for only a minute or so, Jill returned and found that Laurie was gone, having escaped to hide from her brother, whom she was sure would come back for her. Jimmy and Jill continued to hunt for Laurie and the other staff members, who had all been murdered by Myers in his hunt for his sister.

Jimmy soon found the body of head nurse Virginia Alves in the minor surgery room. Her blood had been drained from her body with an IV needle. When Jimmy attempted to leave the room, he slipped in the blood and fell unconscious on the floor. Upon awaking, Jimmy got up and went to his car in the parking lot, where Laurie was hiding from Myers. Before he could get the car started, Jimmy passed out from his injuries from falling on the floor and banged his head on the steering wheel, alerting Michael to his sister's whereabouts.

Trivia Edit

  • Many fans of the Halloween series believed Jimmy to be the father of Laurie's daughter Jamie Lloyd, giving him the name of "Jimmy Lloyd". However, as Jimmy's last name was never mentioned, and the name of Jamie's father never disclosed, this remains a simple fan theory.

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