Job is played by Robby Kiger in Children of the Corn. He is also the narrator of the story.

Biography Edit

Job is the brother of Sarah. They belong to the few children, who have not joined the cult, that wiped out the adults at Gaitin, including their parents. He had to witness his father´s murder and the murder of other adults, when it happened, while his sister was at home and his father was calling his mother. He also heard through the phone his mother´s death, who was at home with his sister.

They then have to live under the rule of the cult for the next three years. When Burt and Vicki come to Gaitlin, he and Sarah are the last ones left, tolerated by Isaac because of the psychic abilities of Sarah, which he sees as important to be prepared for the arrival of threats to the cult. Still they do verything possible within their limitations to harm the cult with limited success and according to a long term plan based on the abilities of Sarah of foreseeing the future. Finally, when Burt and Vicki reached Gaitlin, they help them according to that plan in order to save their lives and then defeat together the cult.

After the defeat of the cult and the obliteration of "He who walks behind the Rows", he and Sarah leave the town together with Burt and Vicki. Later he tells everyone, including the authorities, what happened at Gaitlin right from the start, which explains his position as the narrator of the story.

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