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John Aelsop Bishop, formerly known as Dr. Death, is a character and Chucky's third victim in the first Child's Play film. He was a voodoo instructor who took Charles Lee Ray as a student, but he realizes that he only did so to find a way to cheat death.


Ray did not believe in everything that John taugh him, until the night he was shot inside a toy store by detective Mike Norris. Ray uses the voodoo spell on transferring souls and vowing that he would come back to kill Mike. Chucky would find that John's spell did work, but when he tries to kill Norris, he is shot. Much to this shock, the wound hurts him and it even bleeds.

Chucky goes to John, who is very surprised to see Ray as a doll. Demanding answers about his gunshot wound, John informs that he is turning human and the longer he spent as a doll, the more human he becomes and that if he stays in the doll's body too long, he'll be stuck permanently. Chucky becomes angry and orders John to help him. However, John refuses, because he believes Ray is truly evil and must be stopped.

John tries to call the police, but Chucky reveals a voodoo doll, which is connected to John and began to torture him by snapping his leg like a tree branch. When John refuses to help again, Chucky snaps his arm, then threatens to stab the doll. John, frightened for his life, tells him that he must transfer his soul into the first person he revealed his true self to: Andy. Remarking he will get to be six years old again, Chucky stabs the doll in the chest and leaves John to die. Not long after he left, Karen and Norris arrives. Before dying, John tells Karen that Chucky has gone after Andy to transfer his soul. He explains that Chucky's heart is almost human and if they kill him through the heart, Chucky will be stopped.


  • In a deleted alternate opening scene of Child's Play, John is seen holding the original Heart of Damballa from Bride of Chucky placed on a staff during a voodoo ritual.

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