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Let me explain this to you!
― Julie sticks both of her middle fingers up at Kevin [src]

Julie Christensen is a character in the film Final Destination 3. She is the younger sister of Wendy Christensen and a survivor of the Devil's Flight derailment. Julie is played by Amanda Crew.


Julie lived in McKinley, Pennsylvania with her sister Wendy. She was shown to be a selfish and doesn't care about Wendy at all. Julie is friends with Amber Regan and Perry Malinowski and she was a sophomore sudent. Julie and her friends attended at the amusement park despite being sophomores themselves.


At the end of the movie, Julie is reunited with Wendy and Kevin on a subway train because her father's car failed and she was going to visit Wendy. Suddenly, Wendy has another premonition, this being of the subway's derailment. During the derailment, Julie was separated from Wendy and Kevin. Before they could attempt to save her, a wheel is knocked out of socket and slams into Julie, projecting her out of the train, killing her instantly.


  • She is the character with the most hairstyle changes. Long straight hairs with curly end and a hat, unknown hairstyle with a hood, long hairs with bun, twin tail and long hairs at the end.
  • Vanessa Hudgens auditioned for the role of Julie.
  • Amanda Crew originally auditioned for Erin and Alexz Johnson originally auditioned for Julie, but the actresses ended up switching parts.
  • In an alternate ending, the derailment happens and Julie is whacked by the wheel and all the survivors die, and then the credits roll.

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