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Julie Forester was played by Elisabeth Shue in Piranha 3D.

Biography Edit

She is the tough, local sheriff in Spring Break in Lake Victoria. She has three children. Their names are Jake, Laura and Zane. In Spring Break she always has a very tough time. That's why she orders Jake, as always, to babysit his two younger siblings.

During the Piranha year she investigates the mysterious death of Matt Boyd, an old man who fishes in the lake and, with a group of seismologists who have come to Spring Break because of recent tremors, discovers the undersea lake that was opened because of them. She witnesses the death of two of the seismologists at the hand of prehistoric piranhas living there, who devour them and realizes the old man died because of them, too, since he had been found half-eaten.

With the help of Deputy Fallon she tries to impose a curfew because of it to protect the tourists from the piranhas, but the tourists swimming in the lake ignore her. She therefore has to witness later their slaughter at the hands of the piranhas while trying to save as many tourists as possible with the help of her deputies.

When she finds out about her children being in danger, she hurries to the rescue and contributes to the slaughter of the piranhas at the hands of his son by causing an explosion inside the water that killed them.

She saves her family, but finds out there are bigger piranhas in the lake, who kill Novak in front of her. It is implied she went with her family back to spring break and went away from there.

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