Kate Beringer is the love interest and girlfriend of Billy Peltzer in the horror-comedy Gremlins.

Biography Edit

Prelude Edit

Kate has had a fairly traumatic childhood. One Christmas, her father went missing. The family searched for him but turned up nothing over the Christmas holidays. It wasn't until New Year's Eve when Kate discovered the fireplace didn't smell right that the pieces began to fit together. A rescue team manged to break the chimney open and pull Kate's father out. He was dressed as Santa Claus and carrying a bag of presents - obviously trying to make Christmas as entertaining as possible. Kate's father slipped and fell off the roof, dying on impact. From that point on, Kate developed a loathing of Christmas.

It was revealed in Gremlins 2 that Kate had a similarly traumatic experience on Lincoln's day. The exact details are largely unknown and played mainly for laughs as she begins to describe the tale in a similar manner to her father's death.

Gremlins Edit

Billy and Kate

Kate worked at the local bank alongside Billy Peltzer. In her free time she volunteers at the local tavern in order to keep it from being closed down. When the gremlins begin to multiply and terrorise people, a majority of them take residence in the tavern, forcing Kate to feed them and serve them alcohol. When Kate offers to light a gremlin's cigarette, she dicovers that bright lights hurt them and scares them away with a flash-camera.

Kate meets up with Billy and together they take down the gremlin horde. The events managed to draw them closer and they became boyfriend and girlfriend.

Gremlins 2 Edit

In Gremlins 2, Billy and Kate are now living together and working in New York. When Billy finds Gizmo, one of the few gremlins that's completely harmless, he asks Kate to take him home while he works late. Unbeknownst to both of them, Gizmo had accidentally started multiplying and Kate mistakenly took home one of his offspring while the others tormented Gizmo. When Billy comes home and notices that the gremlin Kate has is not Gizmo, they try sneaking back into the building and rescuing him, taking the other gremlin with them. As they are accosted by a security guard, the gremlin escapes and joins up with its siblings.

The next day, the building is overrun with dozens of gremlins running amuck. After being rescued by Billy and Gizmo, Kate stands by and watches as Billy kills off the remaining gremlins by dousing them with water and sending an electrical current through them. In the end, Billy and Kate are promoted and they make plans for their wedding.

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