Kate Davies is a character in the 2001 slasher film Valentine. She is played by Marley Shelton and is the only one out of the five girls to survive the attacks by a serial killer (known as the Cherub/Cupid) suspected to be Jeremy Melton, a former middle school acquaintance.

Middle School Years Edit

As a sixth - grader, Kate attended the 1988 Valentine's Day school dance with her friends Shelley Fisher, Lily Voight, Paige Prescott, and Dorothy Wheeler. Jeremy Melton, a geeky and unpopular boy in their grade, asked each to a dance; while Shelley, Lilly and Paige rejected him cruelly, Kate kindly replied to his request with a "maybe later." In the credit before Kate's appearance, Jeremy's yearbook is turned to her and her friends' pages, and her photograph is surrounded by the words "I love you" in red ink. Her picture is outlined in a red heart.


Kate Davies on the lookout for Cupid

Thirteen Years Later Edit

After the scene showing Shelley being murdered by the Cherub, Kate and Paige are seen discussing the merits of online dating while discussing Kate's recent breakup - up with her boyfriend Adam Carr while heading towards a "turbo dating" venue. After the amusingly bad dates, Kate is the first to receive the message of Shelley's death.

After Shelley's funeral, she reunites with Adam, happy to see him and have his support despite the fact that they are "taking a break." She becomes upset with him after discovering tequila in his car (he is fighting alcoholism), but his reassurances of it being a gift for someone else and her apologizing sooth the tension and they make plans to go out for dinner. Shortly after, she and her friends are interrogated by Detective Vaughn about their relationship with Shelley (which was a bit distant as she had become preoccupied with medical school) and the suspected involvement of Jason Marquette. At home, she suspects someone is outside her apartment, leading to her discovery of a Cupid mask (reminiscent of the ones worn at the Valentine's Day dance) stuck in the elevator.

She discusses the suspected breaking in of her apartment while Paige tells her of the delivery of maggot filled chocolates to Lilly's house at a party. Jason Marquette shows up and eyes them suggestively, but turns to leave abruptly. Lilly then introduces the host of the party, her boyfriend Max, to them, and they subsequently meet Dorothy's boyfriend Campbell.

After Dorothy, having framed Jeremy for assault, was framed by Adam as the killer, pushing her dressed in his outfit into Kate and shooting her dead, making him look like the hero. Jeremy's quest and desire for revenge have both succeeded. Kate is unaware that Adam is Jeremy.

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