Katherine Isabelle
Full name Katherine Isobel Murray
Known aliases Katie Murray, Katharine Isobel
Born November 2, 1981 (aged 38)
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Years active 1989-present
Occupation Actress

Katharine Isobel Murray (born November 2, 1981) better known for her screen name, Katharine Isabelle, is a Canadian actress who has appeared in several different horror films. She is best remembered for playing the titular character of Ginger Fitzgerald in the "Ginger Snaps" franchise.

Appearances Edit

Ginger SnapsGinger Fitzgerald2000
CarrieTina Blake2002
Freddy vs. JasonGibb Smith2003
Ginger Snaps 2: UnleashedGinger Fitzgerald2004
Ginger Snaps Back: The BeginningGinger Fitzgerald2004

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