Kaylie was the oldest out of her and her younger brother Tim. She begged her parents for a cellphone becuase all of her friends had one and she wanted one. Kylie and her younger brother noticed some changed around the house after the moved in. Her dad spent most of his time in the office doing work. Even the mom knows how obsessed he is with it to, She thinks hes off in his own world. Her and her brother spent late nights hearing her parents fight about him being in his little world in his office that he has. When they were playing outside, they both noticed another women inside his office that wasnt there mom, later that night they confront there mom about it and break the news to her. She starts tearing up and gets emotional and how hes cheating on her. After hearing all of this, he does deny all of it and say it was work and it was nothing. She and her younger brother watched her mom go insane from her husband and everything thats been happening in the house. She had to not only protect herself but her younger brother as well. She watched her dad handcuff his mom to the bed in there bedroom becuause she got mental and turned into a huge wreck.

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