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Kelly O'Brian
Known relatives
Molly O'Brian (daughter)
Timothy "Tim" O'Brian (husband;deceased)


Portrayed by
Reiko Aylesworth

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Kelly O´Brian was played by Reiko Aylesworth in Aliens vs Predator: Requiem.

Biography Edit

She has a family, a husband called Tim and a daughter named Molly. She is also a member of the United States Army and a resident of Gunnison, Colorado, who, in 2004, became involved in the Xenomorph outbreak that ultimately led to the destruction of the town. Kelly had only just returned to Gunnison shortly before the outbreak started, having returned from a tour of duty overseas.

When the Xenomorphs came to Gunnison, her husband was one of the first to be killed. Still she maintained a clear head and, together with her daughter, joined forces with others to survive. Because of her experience with the Army, she realised their plans to destroy Gunnison to prevent the infestation from spreading and, together with others fled from there.

Kelly is one of four people known to have survived the Gunnison incident by using a helicopter in the nick of time, along with Dallas Howard, Ricky Howard and her daughter Molly.

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