Kenneth Londoner is a New Jersey stage artist and movie actor, famous for playing in Thinner. At the time Ken was only 18 years old, but his acting talent got him the role of Andrew Richards, a local character not mentioned in the book. This role practically made Kenneth famous, showing his acting prowess to a larger audience for the first time.[1]

Early Life Edit

Kenneth was born in 1978 in New Jersey, California, USA, and spent most of his childhood there. After showing potential for acting, his parents decided that it was best for the family to move to New York City. There, Kenneth Londoner enrolled at the famous Faculty of Dramatic Arts in New York City, showing great academic achievements. Working with Youth Theatre Dadov at the same time, Ken started becoming famous to some degree. This was due to his several off-Broadway appearances, and his teenage involvement in 1991's Problem Child 2.[2]

Career Edit

Ken Londoner is primarily known as an actor, starring in Theodore Rex in 1995 and in Thinner in 1996. Although he wasn't very well received as a teenager in Problem Child 2, he showed great skills and even went to perform in Black Scorpion 2. Starring alongside Whoopi Goldberg, John Ritter and Joe Mantegna helped his personal integrity and made him choose to play in a various productions, also earning several awards for his performances. In the late 2000's, he got involved in several smaller TV series.[3]

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