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Kia Waterson was a local teenager and friends with Lori. She is the 19th and final falling victim of the Freddy vs. Jason killing spree to die. She was played by Kelly Rowland.

She is also the final victim of Jason Voorhees from the original series to be killed before the rebooted continuity.

Her story Edit

After the murder of Trey at Lori's house, Kia was there as a friend to comfort Lori.

Kia seemed to be at odds with Linderman, and at a rave she was dissed (disrespected) by a very drunk Linderman saying, "How can you think with all that make-up weighing down your head."

After the murders began, over the next few days Kia and Linderman became good friends.

Kia volunteered to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to wake up Jason during his nightmare fight with Freddy in the Dream World.

Luckily, she didn't have to do the resuscitation as Jason woke up on his own with Kia right next to him. They were all startled and the vehicle crashed as Jason went flying out the back door of the van.

Kia would also be the last person to see Linderman alive. During the real world fight of Freddy and Jason, Kia distract Freddy to allow Will and Lori time to escape by taunting Freddy about how Jason's weapon looks tougher and bigger versus Freddy's little glove knives. "What kind of fag goes around scaring people in a Christmas sweater?", was the line that got Freddy ticked.

At that same moment, Jason crept up on Kia, swings and drives the machete at her, sending Kia flying into a tree, killing her as she slid down the tree.

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