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Kimberly Corman is the visionary in Final Destination 2. She is one of the survivors of the Route 23 pile-up. Kimberly is played by A.J. Cook.


Kim was born in White Plains (New York). Her father was Michael Corman. She continues to blame herself for what happened since she stayed behind from her mother in an appliance store to watch a newsfeed about Tod Waggner's death. Kimberly is attending college with her friends Shaina, Dano and Frankie and was originally going to spend her spring break with her friends in Daytona Beach.

Non-Canon DeathEdit

A newspaper clipping shows that five years after Brian Gibbons' death, Kimberly went to a hardware store to ask for directions, where she met Burke inside the same store. As they greeted each other, an unmanned vehicle began to drive down the road until it crashed into the store, nearly killing Kim and Thomas. They rushed outside the back door at the last minute only to come into contact with a woodchipper, which failed to shut off. Kimberly got her coat caught inside the machine and was slowly sucked in. Officer Burke tried to save she, but in the process, he got caught in the machine too. Both of them were hacked to bits by the woodchipper, their blood splattering all over the wall. Altough her death is non-canon.


  • Kimberly and Thomas' non-cannon fate was revealed in the alternate ending of Final Destination 3.
  • Kim caused Tim's death, because had if she had not yelled pigeons, Tim wouldn't have scared them, the pigeons wouldn't have flown away, the worker wouldn't have hit the lever and the pane wouldn't have killed him.
  • In the original script of Final Destination 3, Kimberly and Officer Burke were going to be on Train 081 and die along with Wendy, Kevin and Julie.
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead, the actress who played Wendy in Final Destination 3 auditioned for the role of Kimberly, but she was replaced by Canadian actress A.J. Cook.
  • Kimberly alongside Thomas Burke are the only characters that were able to cheat death in the franchise.

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