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This page is about the remake. For the original film, see Leigh Brackett.

Lee Brackett is a major character in the Halloween remakes and the father of Annie Brackett. He first appears in 2007's Halloween, played by Brad Dourif.


Sheriff Lee Brackett is indirectly responsible for the adoption of Michael Myers' baby sister by the Strode family, having taken the child away following her mother's suicide. His daughter Annie survives the movie, and he discovers her lying bloodied and half-naked following Michael's attack.

In Halloween II, the sequel to Rob Zombie's remake, Sheriff Brackett has brought Laurie to live with him and his daughter after the events of the previous film. Halfway through the movie, Brackett tries to locate Laurie and tell her that she is Michael's sister, before she finds out from Dr. Loomis' book, but he is too late. After receiving a 911 call from his home, he finds his daughter's body following Michael's rampage. Brackett later uses a rifle to shoot Michael after Dr. Loomis sacrifices himself to lure Michael into view. This leads to Michael's death at Laurie's hands.

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