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This page is about the original film. For the remake, see Lee Brackett.

Sheriff Leigh Brackett is a recurring character in the Halloween franchise. He first appears in the original Halloween, played by Charles Cyphers.



Leigh Brackett is the sheriff of Haddonfield, who has a daughter called Annie, a friend of Laurie Strode.

On October 31st, 1978, Sheriff Brackett responded to a call about a break-in at Nichol´s Hardware Store. Accompanied by his deputies, he determined that only a few items had been stolen, including a mask, a length of rope and a knife. He soon learned the identity of the perpetrator, when he encountered a psychiatrist from Warren County named Doctor Samuel Loomis, who contacts him about escaped mental patient Michael Myers. Loomis tries to warn the skeptical Brackett of the danger Myers presents, explaining that he is "pure evil". Just in case, he stands guard in Haddonfield with his men. True to Loomis' word, during the film, Brackett's own daughter Annie falls victim to Michael's killing spree. Brackett later learns of his daughter's death and watches, as her corpse is taken away on a stretcher. Devastated, he blames Loomis for allowing Michael Myers to escape, and goes home to tell his wife the news.

Halloween II[]

Having been unable to get over Annie's death, he retires in 1981. He moved to St. Petersburg, Florida in the south, his position being taken over by Sheriff Ben Meeker.

Halloween Kills[]

Brackett will return for the sequel to Halloween (2018).

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