The Cabin in the WoodsEdit

Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
Jules Knifed in hand, bear trap thrown in back, decapitated with two-man saw The Buckners Yes
Curt Vaughan Crushed into a camouflaged force-field with motorcycle, fall to his death N/A Yes
Holden McCrea Impaled through back of neck while driving RV, drowned in lake Father Buckner Yes
Security Officer Pinned to elevator Marty Mikalski Yes
31 Security Officers Killed Dragonbat, Angry Molesting Tree, Zombies,  Dismemberment Goblins, Giant Snake, Killer Robot, Witch and Werewolf. Yes Some Deaths Weren't Shown
Technician Eaten alive Giant Snake Yes
Technician Stomach cut open The Doctors No Shown on TV
Female Security Officer Shot in head with handgun Herself Yes Shown on TV
3 Technicians Burned Alive Dolls No
Technician Suffocated with plastic wrap The Suffocators Yes
 Mutant in Hospital Gown Shot in head with handgun Marty Mikalski Yes
Technician Grabbed by a genre monster through wall, killed off-screen Dragonbat No
Technician Neck bitten Werewolf Yes
Technician Stabbed in stomach Clowns Yes
Female Security Officer Stabbed With a Knife Clowns No
Technician Stabbed twice in stomach by horn Unicorn Yes
Daniel Truman Stabbed/blown up Scarecrows/Himself Yes
Steve Hadley Neck bitten Merman Yes
Wendy Lin Pulled above by tentacle The Kraken No
Gary Sitterson Knifed in stomach Dana Polk Yes Accident
The Director Axed in back of head, knocked into chasm Patience Buckner/Marty Mikalski Yes
Patience Buckner Fell into chasm after marty kicked the Director's dead body in it Marty Mikalski Yes She hold the axe
Marty Mikalski, Dana Polk Crushed by collapsing temple Ancient Ones Yes
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