The Collector (2012)[edit | edit source]


Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
Michael Chase Disembowled The Collector Yes
Victoria Chase Stabbed multiple times, fell downstairs, tongue cut out, mouth sewed, choke on own blood The Collector Yes


Hand impaled with knife, four fingers cut off, arms, legs, and head caught by bear traps The Collector, Trap Yes
Jill Chase Impalement: Head/chest/legs impaled by nail wall trap Trap Yes
Larry Wharton Electrocution/Head Trauma: head bashed several times against door Hannah, Arkin, Trap Yes Accident
Police Officer Mauling: Bitten in neck, Neck snapped Aero the Dog/The collector Yes
Aero the Dog Immolation/Shot: Trash can fire put into head, shot with shotgun Arkin, The Collector Yes
Paramedic Scalpel in eye The Collector Yes

The Collection (2012)[edit | edit source]

Name Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Notes
Dance floor victims, Josh Shredding:Shredded by wheat thresher though dance floor Trap Yes
Girl Exsanguination: Stepped in trip wire, throat slit by initiating thin sword Yes
Missy Solomon, Victims Crushing: Crushed by ceiling The Collector Yes
Brian Falling: Hit in back by initiating thin sword, lands on car Trap, Arkin O' Brien Yes Used as shield
Zombie Shot/Head Trauma: Shot in head with handgun Paz Yes
Various Wild People Shot repeatedly Mercenary Team Yes
Basil Explosion: Blown up with pipebomb N/A Yes
Dre Impalement: Arm/shoulder impaled by falling rods Trap Yes
Girl Impalement/Exsanguination: Impaled to wall with nails through hands/elbows/legs, throat slit with knife The Collector Yes
Wally Impalement: Lifted/impaled through jaw/out of mouth with hook The Collector Yes
Lin Explosion: Blown up with pipebomb The Collector Yes Knifed 7 times in chest/hand prior to death
Abby Impalement: Punched, foot nailed, caught by iron maiden-like trap Paz, Trap Yes
Paz Exsanguination: Knifed in shoulders with 2 knives The Collector Yes
Lucello Exsanguination/Organ Damage: Knifed 4 times in stomach The Collector Yes
Yes It is uncertain if the Collector actually died.
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