Name Cause of death Killer On-Screen
Rolo Sliced down length with machete Sam Yes
Kellie Fingers sliced with machete/fell from cliff Sam Yes
Stacy Beheaded with machete Sam Yes
Carlos Knifed (offscreen), hung from glider/crashed into lifebuoy shaft Sam Yes
Cliff Stomach sliced with machete Sam Yes
Sheriff, Cop Gas boat blown up with flaming arrow Sam Yes
Hank Throat sliced with machete, buried in sand Sam Yes
Yu Killed with macheted Sam No
Dirk TV thrown into pool/electrocuted Sam Yes
Coconut Pete Hung from roof by rope Sam Yes
Dave Beheaded with machete Sam No
Putman Machete thrown into chest Sam Yes
Juan Stomach sliced open with machete, drowned Sam No
Sam Torn in half with rope by boat, Thrown into water and drowned Penelope & Lars Yes