No. Name Cause of death Killer On-screen Note
1. Cynthia Harbridge Killed with Axe Dad Meiks No Flashback
2. Edward March Killed with Axe Dad Meiks No Flashback
3. Sheriff Smalls Axed in the chest Dad Meiks Partily Flashback
4. Dad Meiks Axed in the chest Fenton Meiks Yes Flashback
5. 4th victim Killed with Axe Adam Meiks No Flashback
6. Fenton Meiks Blugeoned in the head with pipe Adam Meiks No Flashback
7. Mrs.Doyle Killed with Axe, stabbed repeatedly FBI Agent Wesley Doyle Partily Flashback
8. Man Throat slit with Knife Cynthia Harbridge Yes Flashback
9. Little Girl Killed Edward March No Flashback
10. FBI Agent Wesley Doyle Buried Alive Adam Meiks Yes
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