No. Name Cause of death Killer On-screen Note
1. Man Stabbed In Neck With Syringe,Blood Drawn Irving Wallace No
2. Betty Impaled In Mouth/Throat With Pickaxe Irving Wallace Yes
3. Corrine Choked; Knifed Five Times With Kitchen Knife Irving Wallace Yes
4. Ferrari Knifed Twice; Hanged From Ankles From Ceiling Irving Wallace Partially
5. Mark Choked; Impaled With Power Drill Through Door Irving Wallace Yes
6. Brett Hacked Up With Axe Peter Yes Accidental
7. Sybil Fell Through Rafter Floor; Gutted With Knife Irving Wallace Yes
8. Danny Chest Mangled; Bisectected With Chainsaw Irving Wallace Yes
9. Peter Arm Severed With Chainsaw; Beheaded With Axe Irving Wallace Yes
10. Laurel Mangled Off-Screen; Knifed In Chest Irving Wallace Yes
11. Irving Wallace Shot In Forehead Willy Yes Debatable
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