No. Name Cause of death Killer On-screen Note
1. DJ Lexx Pushed from rooftop,Fall to death a Charon Yes
2. A.j. Shot to death Police officer Yes a Charon trick Police officer to killing him
3. Serena's mother life support pull off a Charon Yes
4. Nari Pushed into Track,Ran over by train a Charon Yes
5. a Charon Ran over by train Himself/herself Yes
6. Serena Killed a Charon No
7. Damon Hanged to death a Charon Yes
8. Amaya DeSoto Killed,torture to death a Charon Yes In first ending only,survive

in second ending

9. Erica  Killed a Charon No
10. Matias O'Brien Struck,Killed by a van driven(first ending),Buried alive(Second ending) a Charon Yes Died in Both ending,Different cause of death
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