# Name of Victim Cause of Death Killer On-Screen Death Notes
1. Mrs.Dorothy Slater Shot,Drowned Vicki Yes Accident
2. Guy in party Stabbed in neck with cane Eric Slater Yes
3. Stevie Stabbed through mouth with cane Eric Slater No Shown in shadow
4. Morgan Impaled with cane Eric Slater Yes
5. Diane Stabbed with cane Eric Slater Partly Only her hand being stabbed is seen
6. Jeanie Decapitated with chef knife Eric Slater Partly Head found in toilet
7. Liz Throat slit with cane handle Eric Slater Yes
8. Vicki Stabbed in the stomach and eye with cane Eric Slater Yes
9. Dr. Nelson Beck stabbed in stomach/throat Eric Slater Yes
10. Katherine Rose Stabbed in the chest with cane found dead in pool Eric Slater Yes(Uncut) In original ending she is found dead in pool
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