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This page is about the remake. For the original film, see Lynda van der Klok.
See anything you like?
― Lynda Van Der Klok to Bob Simms [src]

Lynda Van Der Klok was a minor character in the remake of Halloween and a close personal friend of series protagonist Laurie Strode. She appears in the remake of Halloween, played by Kristina Klebe in Rob Zombie's remake.


Lynda, an ex-cheerleader, is a wild, foul-mouthed teenage girl. She is best friends with Laurie and Annie. Although she values Laurie's opinions over Annie's, as Annie teases her about her being slutty. She comes across as cheerleader-esque, and is "all about opportunity" and has a big ego. She thinks of herself as the hottest cheerleader Haddonfield had before she got kicked off. She was kicked off after she makes a joke about doing a nude cheer towards her cheerleading coach. Her parents are divorced, something she is okay with, as she knows, she has her dad wrapped around her finger.

On Halloween night she and her boyfriend Bob Simms go off to the now vacant Myers house for a fun wild night of sex, not knowing Michael is on the balcony watching them. After sex, Bob goes outside to his van to get more beer for her. He comes back inside dressed up as a ghost to surprise Lynda, but he is ambushed by Michael, pushed up against the wall and stabbed. Lynda, who couldn't hear a thing, because she had music on, gets her cell phone and decides to call Laurie about what Annie said to her eariler about being a slut, showing that her feelings can get hurt easily. After she talks to Laurie, Michael enters the room disguised as Bob, ghost costume and all. Lynda asks him for her beer, but he ignores her. Lynda keeps asking him, not knowing Bob is really Michael, but he finally puts his hand out with the beer. She is annoyed and gets up, fully nude, grabs the beer and begins to curse at 'Bob', still going on about how he is bad in bed. Michael takes off the ghost costume and begins to walk towards Lynda, who has her back to him and doesn't see him coming.

Lynda(Remake)'s death

Michael as he chockes Lynda.

He quickly grabs ahold of her neck, choking her, until she falls down dead. Michael then carries her out. Later that night, Laurie discovers Lynda's naked corpse set up in front of Deborah Myers' head stone and a jack o' lantern. She tries to help her and wake her up, not realizing she is dead.

Two years later, Lynda's father Kyle shows up at a book signing for Loomis's new book, where he shows Loomis, a picture of Lynda, who Loomis doesn't recongize. Kyle then brings out a gun and says he will kill Loomis for what happened to his daughter.

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