Malachai Boardman was played by Courtney Gains in Children of the Corn.

Biography Edit

In Caitlin, Nebraska, 1980, while there was a drought, Malachai was the second in command of Isaac Chroner, the leader of the death cult and later the second in command in Gaitlin after the murder of all the adults there, which he and most of the other children did under Isaac´s orders. Then he helped him enforce a new society free of adults and of modern things, while the dead adults were all taken to the cornfield in order to be buried there so the corn would grow successfully again. Unbelievers were punished by him.

Three years later in 1983, the unity inside the death cult was weakened because of dissent. Finally, Malachai rebelled against Isaac and killed him during the appearance of Burt and Vicky. Isaac, being possessed by He Who Walks Behind the Rows also killed him, breaking his neck after he was defeated by Burt.

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