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Malcolm McDowell (born Malcolm John Taylor; June 13, 1943) is an English actor. He is known for his boisterous and often villainous roles.

Horror Filmography[]

Year Film Role Notes
1982 Cat People Paul Gallier
1990 Class of 1990 Dr. Miles Langford
Disturbed Dr. Derrek Russell
1993 Night Train to Venice Stranger
1997 Asylum Sullivan Rane / Doc
2004 Evilenko Andrej Romanovic Evilenkko
2007 Halloween Dr. Samuel Loomis
2009 Halloween II
Suck Eddie Van Helsing
2012 Excision Mr. Cooper
Vamps Vlad Tepish
Silent Hill: Revelation Leonard
Silent Night Sheriff Cooper
2013 Sanitarium Dr. Stenson
2014 Mischeif Night Mr. Smiles
2015 Kids vs. Monsters Boss Monster
2016 31 Father Murder
2018 Corbin Nash Blind Prophet