Man Made Monster
Man Made Monster
The most amazing monster the world has ever known
Directed By
Produced By
Jack Bernhard
Written By
George Waggner,
Harry Essex,
Sid Schwartz
Elwood Bredell
Editing By
Arthur Hilton

Distributed By
Universal Pictures
Release Date(s)
March 28, 1941
59 minutes
Flag of the United States United States
You're mad! I'm going to notify the police!
Dr. John Lawrence

Man Made Monster is an American horror film directed by George Waggner and released on March 28th, 1941 by Universal Pictures. It is known for being the first genre film of actor Lon Chaney, Jr.. It is also the first genre film of director George Waggner. Waggner and Chaney would work on another film that same year, but one that left a more memorable mark on horror film history, The Wolf Man. Originally, Frankenstein star Boris Karloff was slated to play the lead role of Doctor Rigas, but the part ended up going to Lionel Atwill who would go on to star in several films with both Karloff and Chaney. The plot centers around mad scientist Paul Rigas (Atwill) who wants to create a race of electro-biologically charged zombies.

Cast Edit

Actor Role
Lionel Atwill Doctor Paul Rigas
Lon Chaney, Jr. Dan "Dynamo Dan" McCormack
Anne Nagel June Lawrence
William B. Davidson Ralph Stanley
Samuel S. Hinds John Lawrence
Ben Taggart Detective Sergeant
Connie Bergen Nurse
Ivan Miller Doctor
Chester Gan Wong
George Meader Doctor Bruno
Frank O'Connor Detective
John Dilson Medical Examiner
Russell Hicks Warden Harris
Jesse Arnold Mrs. Davis
James Blaine Charlie

Trivia Edit

  • Also known as The Atomic Monster, The Mysterious Dr. R and The Electric Man.
  • Filmed at Universal Studios in Universal City, California.
  • May have inspired the 1989 Wes Craven film, Shocker.

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