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Marion Chambers-Whittington is a character in the Halloween franchise. She first appears in the original Halloween, played by Nancy Stephens.


Marion Chambers was born in 1945. On October 30, 1978, she drives Sam Loomis to Smith's Grove to take the 21-year-old Michael Myers to court. As Dr. Loomis walks out, Michael Myers attacks her and planned to kill her but was unsuccessful as she ran into the rain. The next night, she escorts Dr. Loomis to a Marshall's car and tells him that Laurie Strode is related to Myers. Then, they turn around and head over to the hospital. As Dr. Loomis finds Laurie and shoots Myers, he tells Marion to go get the police, while he and the Marshall try to help Laurie. After Myers kills the Marshall and the explosion, Marion escorts Laurie to an ambulance.

After the events of Halloween II, Marion disappears from Haddonfield and moves to Landgon, Illinois, after Sam gives her the task of keeping Laurie's identity in the witness protection program a closely guarded secret in case something were to ever happen to him. He advises her to use full disclosure and take any means necessary to protect Laurie including a cover-up as a fallback plan should Michael ever return. The both of them remained good friends. She was by Sam's side when he passed away from natural causes just shortly after the events of Curse of Michael Myers in which he confessed to her that he could never really understand what made Michael so evil.

Michael finally gets Marion after 20 years.

20 years after the events of Halloween, 1978, Marion has at one point married, but she is either now divorced or a widow. She returns to her house to find out it's been broken into. Before entering, she runs next door and lets her two teenage neighbors know that someone has ransacked her house. With the two teens by her side, they search the house, but find nothing and Marion decides to wait for the police in her house alone. While in her house, Marion discovers her file on Laurie Strode missing and finds someone is still in her house and immediately rushes over to her neighbors house. When she arrives, she finds both teenagers murdered, then the killer, Michael Myers, attacks her, and after a confrontation with him, he manages to slit her throat, killing her.

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