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Mark Bing is portrayed by Dylan Bruno in the film The Rage: Carrie 2, in which he is the main villain.


He is the leader of the football team players, that play this sex game with the girls in New Bates High School. He is also a friend of Eric Stark, the football team player, who also played that game, too and who, through his corresponding actions, caused the suicide of Lisa Parker, an underage girl.

He knew about it before the authorities knew and didn't even care at all. He even encouraged Eric to keep the points he won through this event so that he could maintain the best possible to win it. When the authorities begin to investigate the statutory rape of Lisa, he and his friends target Rachel Lang for her cooperation in the investigation. Finally, with the help of the cheerleaders, she sets her up in the party organized by him to celebrate the victory of the football team by telling her the truth about Lisa's death and by making her believe she had also fallen victim to that game abusing her verbally and also physically on the way.

His actions cause Rachel to snap and loses her temper, which lead to the Black Party. He realizes Rachel is behind the destruction and killings and, with Monica and Eric's help, he tries to stop her, but in vain. He only manages to wound her, when she was distracted. She kills him by drowning him like a helpless waterfowl after killing and slaughtering the other two in vengeance.

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