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Mark Davis is a character in the 2003 crossover film Freddy vs. Jason. He is portrayed by actor Brendan Fletcher.


Mark Davis is a patient at Westin Hills psychiatric hospital, admitted against his will due to his nightmares about Freddy Krueger, to isolate his knowledge of him from the other teenagers of Springwood. His older brother Bobby was also tormented by Krueger until he committed suicide. Mark is able to provide Will Rollins, Lori Campbell and their friends with his knowledge of Krueger to help them try to survive but he fears that he ruined the town's plan to protect the children from fearing Freddy. While in the hospital, Mark is dosed with Hypnocil to prevent him dreaming. But, after escaping he begins to dream, allowing Freddy to murder him by setting his back on fire and he leaves a message for Lori and Will on Mark's back that he has returned.

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