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Don't shoot, I'm only seventeen!
― Martha [src]

Martha Meeks was played by Heather Matarazzo in Scream 3. She is the sister of Randy Meeks, one of the characters in Scream and Scream 2.

Biography Edit

In Scream 3 she is seventeen years old and lives in Woodsboro. In a way she fills a void Randy left in Dewey and Sidney after his murder in Scream 2 and therefore they treat her like a close friend the way they once treated Randy.

She sneaks onto the Stab 3 set after the killing spree had begun again to deliver a videotape called "Scary Movies 101" Randy filmed to Sidney, Gale and Dewey. The videotape is a film he made shortly before his death, when the second killing spree had started in Scream 2.

Randy had already feared then, a third killing spree might happen after the second, because of his knowledge regarding these matters. In the tape, he explains the rules of a horror film trilogy to them in case he shouldn´t survive the second killing spree, something that he had feared because of having lost his virginity and in case it would not be a copycat matter again like the second killing spree. He had given the tape to his sister for that eventuality, so that she would show it to them in case of such an event.

Sidney, Dewey and Gale thank her for having shown them the video after seeing it and say goodye to her. She then returns to Woodsboro and telling them her wish to see them back someday.

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