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Max is a side character in Night Of The Demons, 1988. Max is one of the two mullet heads in the movie. Max is known to be quite factual and informative than the rest. He is portrayed by Philip Tanzini.

Early Life[edit | edit source]

Max is in senior high school and in a relationship with Frannie. He is apparently friends with Angela FranklinJay Jansen and Judy Cassidy. On the night of Halloween, Max (dressed up as a psychotic doctor) heads to the Hull House, accompanied with Frannie, Judy and Jay.

Max is familiar with dozens of legends relating to the Hull House, contributing to the expounding of the houses' origin, including the Hull Family massacre, Young Brave, Underground Stream, White Americans and Native Americans. Max got to know about these tales from a book, given to him by Mrs. Porter.

Hull House[edit | edit source]

On reaching Hull House, Max shares that an underground water stream is situated under the funeral parlor and eventually inspects it, he also informs the others about the legends that the house is rumored to be cursed, with the evil spirits. Max also opposes the idea of Sal Romero's inclusion. During the party, he is seen chilling around with Suzanne, who was infact seducing Max. Upon splitting, Max begins to entertain Frannie, Jay and Judy with some of the bygone legends, later with Frannie, he was soon assaulted and murdered by a possessed Stooge, during their lovemaking session, with Stooge forcibly closing the casket down on Max's arm repeatedly until it came off. Max soon returns as a demon until dawn, when he burns with his fellow demonic mates

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