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Michelle Mancini appears as a female victim in the 1998 slasher film Urban Legend.

Freak Show-There's Someone in the Backseat[edit | edit source]

Michelle was captain alongside Natalie of their high school cheerleading team: The Spirit Squad.

Michelle while driving Natalie's car one fateful night decided to turn the headlights off and wait for the first car to flash them like the old Urban Legend.

One unfortunate car did and Michelle soon sped after the man flashing her headlights at him.

However this blinded the poor youth causing him to speed of the road and crash killing himself.

Michelle and Natalie were both charged with Reckless Endangerment.

Because of what they did Natalie stopped talking and communicating with Michelle after they both enrolled at Pendleton.

Michelle is seen in an old yearbook cheerleading photo along with Natalie.

Michelle is killed at the very opening of the film while driving her car across the wet roads and listening to Bonnie Tyler.

Michelle is lacking fuel and soon is running on empty she pulls into a seedy looking gas station where a stuttering man with a very bad lisp tries to warn her of the person


hiding the backseat of the car.

The man fakes that there's something wrong with the credit card and that the company is on the phone inside.

Michelle packs her pepper spray just in case.

Once inside the man locks the door and Michelle answers the phone and realizes its dead.

The man then grabs her arm which scares Michelle and she kicks free of him trying to the open the door.

The Man tries to engage her again but Michelle squirts Pepper spray in his eyes and throws the telephone at the window and escapes back to her car.

She takes of plowing the man over just as he finally finishes his sentence " There's someone in the backseat."

The Axe Beheading Michelle Mancini

Michelle driving off crying and resuming her singing of the Total Eclipse of the Heart is then beheaded by the now revealed killer brandishing a Battle Axe.

Is there a Problem[edit | edit source]

Michelle while reaching for her Bonnie Tyler tape fails to notice due to an oncoming vehicle a hooded person crouched down in the backseat confirming that the killer has been in the car since its insesion.

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