To lose one in life is better than to lose all in death. I vote yes.
Molly Anderson to the town

Molly Anderson was played by Debrah Farentino in Storm of the Century.

Biography Edit

She is the wife of Mike Anderson. She takes care of the children of the town at the Wee Folks Day-Care Center. When Linoge appears in town and commits his masacres, she begins to crumble out of fear. She even suggest to her husband to kill Linoge and make it appear as an accident.

It finally comes to the extent, that, when Linoge arranges a town meeting through force and demands a child there, she, out of fear of him and because of the atrocities he commited, betrays her husband, gives in to Linoge´s demand of giving him a child, sides with the town in that with passion. As a result she loses her own child, Ralph Anderson, to him.

Because of all of this her own husband then breaks with her completely and divorces her. He also leaves the town, where they lived together and never returns. She later went into therapy only to come to the conclusion, that there are wounds in this world that will never heal, something she didn´t know before. She also realises the wound of the loss of her son and of her husband will never heal and that he was right in his decision to divorce her and leave her in order to never see her again for what she and the town did.

After the death of Melinda Hatcher, who dies because of a heart attack in the aftermath, she later marries her husband Alton "Hatch" Hatcher out of common grief three years later. It gives her the strength to go forward, but is still forever haunted by these events, which is shown, when she visits the memorial regarding the storm 10 years later.

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