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Mombasa was portrayed by Mahershala Ali in the movie Predators.

Biography Edit

He was a death squad officer in the Revolutionary United Front. As such he participated in the Sierra Leone Civil War.  He was kidnapped by the Predators and taken to a foreign planet. Together with the others, who were dropped on the planet at that moment, he attempted to find a way to escape and return to Earth.

Mombasa and Stans, one of the others, hated each other which drove them to fight each other. When Cuchillo was killed he realised he was used as bait to kill the others as he had done it before.

In the end he was the second to be killed by the Predators in an ambush when the group stumbled into their hunting camp, an ambush to which Royce contributed as part of a plan to find out more about the enemy so that he could then identify it and then save the group in order to deal with the enemy later.

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