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Monica Jones is played by Rachel Blanchard in The Rage: Carrie 2.

Biography Edit

She is the best friend of Tracy Campbell, but more manipulative and deceitful than her. She despises Rachel and decides to help Tracy to win Jesse back. She plays a crucial role in setting Rachel up by gaining her trust for that. She lures her into the corresponding trap at the party, where she is horribly humiliated and also spits her in the face. Offended and humiliated, she freaks out and causes the Black Party. When Mark Bing realizes, she is behind the destruction and deaths, he, Eric and she try to make a last stand against her. They go and catch harpoons for that. When they see

Monica Carrie 2
Rachel approaching, they go to the swimming pool to make their corresponding stand. Monica is shocked because of the complete, unforeseen events and prepares to shoot correspondingly. Their stand fails.

Rachel ultimately destroys her glasses in revenge for humiliating her and causes the shards to stab her eyes and her brain as she screams hysterically in agony.

She suffers horrible pain and, before dying because of it, she erroneously launches the harpoon she had in her hands into Eric Stark's groin, killing him in the process. Mark also dies later as well.

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