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Monty The Peddler is a minor character in the first Child's Play film. He is a homeless man, who sells various goods that he collects in his shopping cart.


Monty happens upon the Good Guy doll that has Charles Lee Ray's spirit Inside, and the next morning, he hangs around in the alley outside where Karen Barclay works. He sells it to her for Andy's sixth birthday, at half the cost of a store-bought doll.

The next night, after Karen learns that the doll Chucky is alive and killing those around her, Karen reaproches him, demanding where he got the doll. He wants to know what he'll get if he tells her, but since, she is not carrying money, he tries to rape her. However, Detective Mike Norris shows up and puches him in the face before he could hurt Karen. He forces the peddler to tell him where he found the doll. The peddler reveals that he found it at a burnt down toy store. Norris finally clues in that the store is the same one that Charles Lee Ray was killed.

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