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People eat fish, Grogan. Fish don't eat people.
Mr. Dumont to Suzie Grogan

Mr. Dumont was played by Paul Bartel in the movie Piranha.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Dumont was the one responsible for the summer camp at the river, where the children were enjoying their vacation, along with Laura DIckinson and Betsy, he was taking care of the children while also showing an inflexible attitude regarding rules. Because of that he was not well liked there, not even by his subordinates, something he found out later when he found a picture of his full of darts.

Later, Dumont ignored Paul Grogan's warning about the Piranha threat, when he phoned him about it, calling him a drunk. When the children were in the river the next day for a swim race, he noticed something was wrong, when the children begin to scream.

When Dumont begins to investigate, he is attacked by a piranha who jumped out of the water towards his face. After getting rid of it, he is shocked and wounded, but did everything to save as many children in the river as possible, who were also under attack. Still he wasn't able to save them all.

After the horrible event, Dumont is guilt-ridden because of not having taken Paul's warning seriously, who silently accused him of that. It is implied he is finished as a leader of that place because of what happened.

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