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Mrs. Blankenship is a character in the Halloween franchise. She is portrayed by Janice Knickrehm.

Biography Edit

Her first appearance was in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, telling Danny Strode the story about Halloween, and exclaiming about the voice that came to Michael Myers, the night he killed his sister.

Later that night, when Dr. Wynn and his followers arrived to her house, Blankenship takes Steven and reveals herself by threatning Kara Strode with a knife, who then jumped out of the window and was knocked out. Blankenship, Michael, Wynn and his followers then took Kara, Danny and Steven to Smith's Grove while Tommy Doyle and Dr. Loomis are drugged.

It is unknown what happened to Blankenship afterwards, but it can be assumed that she was killed by Michael during the operating room massacre, although it is unclear if she was there.

In an alternate ending, Blankenship stands with Dawn Thompson while attending the Thorn ceremony. When Tommy intervenes and holds a knife to Wynn's throat, she and Dawn give out angry and worried looks.

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