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Munder was a part of the crew of the Arctic Warrior in Ghost Ship. He served under the captain Sean Murphy. He was played by Karl Urban.

History Edit

Munder was participating on saving of shipwrecks for many years and he was a very valuable teammember. Epps called him as the best welder who she knows one time. He was one of first people who was willing to accept the offer of Jack Ferriman go saving SS Antonia Graza.

During the first examination of the ship, Munder fell through the rusty floor of the ship and he was barely saved by Epps. He examined the state of the compass and the tiller and found it broken. When they found a hole in the below deck and faced the danger of sinking the ship, Munder prepared plans how they should fix it. During the next research, he and Dodge heard the strange singing from their radios. They decided to scare Epps as they thought that she is trying to make fun from them. When they found the gold, Munder was for taking it and leave the ship to its destiny.

When Santos was killed and their tugboat was destroyed, Munder was saved from death by Ferriman. He was visibly shaken by the events and he hesitated to repair Antonia Graza as they did not have enough equipment. It needed a lot of persuasion of Epps and Dodge to agree with this.

The work was slowly continuing despite the dissapearance of Greer and imprisoment of Murphy in the fish tank. Munder managed to fix the hole in the below deck and they started to pump the water out of the ship. One of the pumps was clogged in the process and Munder was sent to check the hose into the below deck. As he was in the water, he was disturbed by a strange sound and he lost his caution for a moment. The unknown strength pulled him into the ships gears after that and Munder was crushed to death.

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