My Soul to Take is a 2010 American horror psychological slasher film written and directed by Wes Craven. The film stars Max Thieriot as the protagonist Adam "Bug" Hellerman, who is one of seven teenagers chosen to die, after his father, Abe Plenkov, was a convicted serial killer suffering from multiple personality disorder, prompting seven of his personalities to inhabit the bodies of his friends that were born the day he died. Or so they thought.

Plot Edit

Family man Abel Plenkov, a sufferer of Dissociative Identity Disorder, accidentally discovers that he is the Riverton Ripper, a local masked serial killer. After killing his pregnant wife Sarah, and his psychiatrist, he is gunned down, and carted away by ambulance, leaving his young daughter Leah and premature son orphaned.

On the way to the hospital, a paramedic suggests that Plenkov is innocent, but he houses multiple souls, with the Ripper being one of them. Near death, Plenkov revives unexpectedly, slashes the throat of the paramedic, causing the ambulance to crash and burn and seemingly escapes. Sixteen years later, the Riverton Seven:

Blind Jerome

Loser Alex

Imaginative Jay

Timid Bug

Religious Penelope

Beautiful Brittany

Jock Brandon

gather in the woods in the annual ritual of "killing", a Ripper puppet to superstitiously prevent his return. Bug is elected but fails. Not only that, Jay is murdered by the reappeared Ripper. At home, Bug begins to redo his class project, exhibiting Jay's creativity. At school, Brandon torments Bug and Alex, on orders by Fang, a tyrannical bully. Bug and Alex spy on Fang, to see if Brittany has a crush on him. During their surveillance, Fang cruelly alleges that Bug has been in institutions for killing people. Bug unwittingly begins imitating the Riverton Seven, including Fang.

Penelope, having predicted the Rippers return is the next to die, after she predicted the others death. Brittany and Brandon find her body in the woods and they are both stabbed to death also. That night, Fang, whose revealed to be Bugs sister, and going by her name Leah, gives her brother a birthday present: a rocking horse created by Abel Plenkov.

Angrily, she reveals the truth that had been lay hidden, that they are his children, and that she is the daughter he failed to kill; Bug survived in his dead mothers womb albeit born prematurely. Everyone saw him as a miracle, which lead to Fang to harbor lifelong resentment toward him; she had been traumatized by the event, but he remained innocent of the memory.

The two reconcile, but are informed of the murders. Alex visits a distressed Bug, and theorizes that the Rippers evil soul jumped into one of the Seven, forcing them to kill off the others. Downstairs, Bug and Fang encounter the Ripper. Just as the Ripper is about to kill Bug, he hears a noise upstairs. Bug goes back to his room and discovers Jerome, mortally wounded in is closet. After Jerome dies, Alex reappears and tells Bug that he has Dissociative Identity Disorder from his father and unknowingly killed everyone, but Bug rejects this idea.

The souls of the dead Seven are now part of him, and together they deduce the fact that Alex is, in fact, The Ripper. "Alex" admits his guilt and confesses his revenge. They propose that they will kill Fang and pin the murders on Jerome to appear as heroes. But Bug refuses and stabs Alex in the stomach. Freed from The Rippers soul, Alex dies as himself in a touching moment between friends. Although Bug expects to be arrested, Fang tells the police everything, clearing his name. The town proclaims Bug as a hero, but despite this, Bug narrates that "he'll fake being a hero", in honor of Alex's memory.

Cast Edit

  • Max Thieriot as Adam "Bug" Hellerman
  • John Magaro as Alex Dunkelman
  • Denzel Whitaker as Jerome King
  • Zena Grey as Penelope Bryte
  • Nick Lashaway as Brandon O'Neil
  • Paulina Olszynski as Brittany Cunningham
  • Jeremy Chu as Jay Chan
  • Emily Meade as Leah "Fang" Hellerman
  • Raul Esparza as Abel Plenkov

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