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Mya Rockwell is a character in the Halloween franchise. She first appeared in Rob Zombie's Halloween II, played by Brea Grant.


Mya is a friend and co-worker of Laurie Strode and Harley David. Of the three, she is the most responsible and level-headed most likely due to her own troubles in her life that she hints at when she tells Laurie that running away from problems never solves anything. On Halloween night, Laurie comes to Mya's home where she and Harley learn that Laurie is actually Angel Myers, the sister of Michael Myers. Mya is at a disbelief at what to say and believes it might be a mistake. They both try to help her calm down from this shocking news and try to give her a mellow night but Laurie wants to get drunk and party. Harley decides to go along with her as she feels it may help her get over it and they both get Mya to agree on the terms that they have a chill night.

The three go to a costume party where Harley is killed (unknown to Mya and Laurie) while Laurie starts to believe Michael is there at the party. Mya calms her down and decides to take Laurie home. Once they arrive at the Brackett home, they go into the kitchen to have some food and tea,while unknown to them Michael is in the house watching them. After they are done, they go upstairs and discover it to be trashed. They go into the bathroom and discover Annie Brackett's bloody dying body. Laurie tells Mya who is cleary upset at seeing this to call the police. Mya calls the police and runs outside to get the address but as she tells them, Michael comes up behind her and pulls her into the house. He then throws her on the table and stabs her with a kitchen knife.


  • Mya's halloween costume was the character Columbia from the 1975 British musical comedy The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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