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Nancy Louise Kyes (born December 19, 1949) is an American film and television actress. In most of her film appearances, she is credited under her stage name Nancy Loomis. She is known for her role as the teenage babysitter, Annie Brackett, in John Carpenter's 1978 horror classic slasher film Halloween and the 1981 sequel Halloween II.


Kyes attended high school in Riverside, California, and studied theatre at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Before starring in Halloween, she played Julie in the 1976 thriller Assault on Precinct 13, also directed by Carpenter. In addition to acting, she served as this film's wardrobe mistress, but she used a different name for the film credits ("Louise Kyes" for the wardrobe mistress credit and "Nancy Loomis" for her acting credit).

In 1980, Kyes played the role of Sandy Fadel in Carpenter's hit horror film The Fog, in which she appeared with her Halloween co-star Jamie Lee Curtis, her Assault on Precinct 13 co-star Darwin Joston, and Charles Cyphers, who appeared with Kyes in both Halloween and Assault on Precinct 13. Kyes also appeared in the 1982 cult-classic Halloween III: Season of the Witch. In this third installment of the series, Kyes plays ex-wife to genre legend Tom Atkins's character.

Although she has starred in a few TV movies, her only guest appearance on television was on the 1985 revivial of The Twilight Zone.

Today, she works as a sculptress in the Los Angeles area.

Horror filmography[]

Film Character Year Notes
Halloween Annie Brackett 1978
The Fog Sandy Fadel 1980
Halloween II Annie Brackett 1981
Halloween III: Season of the Witch Linda Challis 1982

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