Night Closes is a 2017 Scottish short horror film, directed by Jane Armstrong. It was shot in Edinburgh, Scotland, and features an appearance by a Plague Doctor.

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The film begins with Emily (Laura Bourjac) snapping pictures of the opening to Edinburgh Castle. She passes a ghost tour guide, Albert (Blair Flucker), who has a tourist with him (Peter Anderson), but Emily ignores Albert's invitation to join them, as she says that she doesn't believe in that "ghost shit".

Carrying on, Emily comes into a close on The Royal Mile to investigate, and is then surprised by a terrified and injured man, who babbles something about, "they're coming for us" and pleading for her help. Emily panics and runs away, to see a masked figure coming after her, who is actually a Plague Doctor. But instead of harming her, he wipes some blood from her face, which was actually from one of his two victims.

Emily runs a safe distance, turns around, and sees the Plague Doctor depart down the alley, into the cold night. Now Emily really does believe in ghosts!

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The film has received modest praise from horror fans online.

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