Night of the Demon is a 1980 horror film directed by James C. Wasson, and written by Jim L. Ball and Mike Williams.

Plot Edit

Professor Nugent and his students try to track down Bigfoot, but end up uncovering something more sinister at work.

Cast Edit

  • Michael Cutt as Professor Bill Nugent
  • Joy Allen
  • Bob Collins
  • Jody Lazarus
  • Rick Fields
  • Michael Lang
  • Melanie Graham as Wanda McGinty
  • Shannon Cooper
  • Paul Kelleher as Sheriff
  • Ray Jarris
  • William F. Nugent
  • Lynn Eastman-Rossi as Susan Nugent
  • Eugene Dow as Doctor Paxton
  • Don Hurst as Doctor Harris
  • Terry Wilson as Inspector Stack
  • Kathy Stimac as Girl Scout Jr.
  • Renata Lee as Girl Scout Sr.
  • Philip Boyd as Hunter
  • Mark Phelan as Woodsman
  • Jennifer West as Van Lover
  • Greg Langdon as Van Lover
  • Rob Camp as Motorcyclist
  • Shane Dixon as Monster
  • Barrett Cooper as Reverend Emmet McGinty

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